Thailand Had Become Popular with Bengalies in Kolkata
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Thailand Had Become Popular with Bengalies in Kolkata

Thailand as a tourist destination had become popular all over the world due to its exotic locations and sea-beaches. Bengalies are travelling to Thailand from Kolkata in large numbers of the last 5 years. The article mentions the reasons as to why Thailand had become popular with Bengalies in Kolkata and why the travel costs suit the Bengalies.

Bengalies by their nature are famous for being categorized as a group who like travelling. They spend at last one of their year-end holiday in some place or the other.

There are many popular tourist destinations of Bengalies in India including Puri, Digha, Darjeeling, Mumbai, Goa, etc. in India. Now that the costs of International flights to Bangkok by Air Asia had reduced down, bengalies are also increasing to go to Thailand.

There are a number of reasons as to why the Bengalies like to go to Thailand. Firstly the costs of the tickets to Thailand are less.  A two way return ticket from Kolkata to Bangkok is available at Rs 15000 which is affordable for the bengalies. At the same time the choice of flights had increased to a great extent. Jet Airways and other flights from India had also stretched to Thailand.

Secondly bengalies love sea-beaches the most. They like mountains, forests also. But the fascinations for sea-beaches are much more. In that context the beautiful sea-beaches of Bangkok, Pataya, Phuket attract the bengalies very much.

Also the weather of the place is a big attraction. It is warm all around the year. Bengalies like the weather. It is easy to swim in the sea-waters when the temperatures of the water are pleasant.

Also the food of Thailand is very nice. There are a lot of sea-food like crabs, shrimps, prawns which bengalies like a lot. In recent times the publicity of the place had also increased.

A lot of award ceremonies of Bengali films had taken place in Pataya, or Phuket in Thailand. So the Bengali stars like Rituparna Sengupta, Jeet, Deb going to Thailand had attracted many bengalies all across West Bengal and specially Kolkata.

The distance of Bangkok from Kolkata is also very less. The flights from Kolkata to Bangkok do not take more than 2 hours to reach Bangkok from Kolkata. So the flight journey also becomes very enjoyable. Visitors don’t like too long flight journeys which lead to jet lag.

These days with a budget of Rs 25000 bengalies can travel to Thailand, and come back. Passports are required on the part of the bengalies. The Visa Office of Thailand is also situated in Kolkata in Sudder Street. Every year more than 1000 bengali visitors travel to Thailand for holidays during Durga Puja and winter. Those who did not travel to Thailand so far, can go and enjoy the place.

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Comments (4)

Thailand used to be the tourist atraction of the rich people. These days middle-class bengalies also are attracted towards Thailand.

Souvik Chatterji

A number of film festivals and award ceremonies relating to Bengali film industry had been held in Thailand in the recent times.

Souvik Chatterji

The Airlines that fly from Kolkata and connect Thailand are also very moderate. The prices are not exorbitant and are affordable by the middle-class Bengalies.

Souvik Chatterji

India has allowed foreign direct investment even in the aviation sector. So a lot of international flights are going to come to the Indian market. May be that bengalies who want to travel to Thailand may have more choices in future.

Souvik Chatterji