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Asia Honeymoon: there are other honeymoon destinations which also deserve a look in and Asia certainly has a few destinations which can qualify among the best honeymoon destinations of the world.
Published by Girish Gehlod 89 months ago in Asia | +9 votes | 1 comments
Afghanistan's war on childhood drug addiction. Drug addiction in Afghan children. Opiate dependency in Afghan children. Afghanistan's drug problem in children. Drug addiction in Afghanistan's children. Childhood drug addiction in Afghanistan.
Published by DeeBee 89 months ago in Asia | +15 votes | 4 comments
Flanked by Arabian Sea, Goa is one of the smallest states in India with immense coastal splendour. Goa has an interesting mix of Portuguese and the local Konkani cultures, which provides a variety in language, food and architcture.
Published by Kiran 90 months ago in Asia | +14 votes | 4 comments
I will tell you all about Afghanistan's culture and, more importantly, the Taliban.
Published by i am anonymous 91 months ago in Asia | +8 votes | 1 comments
Bhutan is a little kingdom nestling between Nepal, and the state of Sikkim in India on one side and Bangla Desh on another side. This country was not easily accessible for a long time
Published by Kiran 91 months ago in Asia | +9 votes | 4 comments
Iran and North Korea have made the news lately for their alleged nuclear weapons research or production, and all the twists and turns surrounding attempts to sanction both countries for various proscribed activities. But lost amid the bluster, sanctions, accusations and counter–accusations, is the secretive, junta-controlled Southeast Asian nation of Burma (Myanmar).
Published by Mark Spence 92 months ago in Asia | +8 votes | 5 comments
Bhutan, the last shangri - La. Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan most expensive tourist destination. Bhutan happiness capital of the world. Bhutan land of the thunder dragon. Thimpu capital of Bhutan. The River Wong Chhu is situated in Bhutan's capital Thimpu.
Published by DeeBee 94 months ago in Asia | +14 votes | 11 comments
Facts about the biggest bell in Asia; where it can be found, how big and heavy it is, and what it's made of.
Published by Patrick Regoniel 94 months ago in Asia | +8 votes | 4 comments
Ubud is the best city in Asia. Located in the center of Bali at Gianyar district. It is the center of Balinese Art and culture. Many best world top Villa, Spa, restaurant and museum are there.
Published by agus putu agung 97 months ago in Asia | +2 votes | 1 comments
An experience in a wonderful beach/ Resort called Boracay!
Published by Pixie May Villa 98 months ago in Asia | +4 votes | 3 comments
If you are planning to visit Bali for your next holiday destination, here are some places for you to visit
Published by Activ 98 months ago in Asia | +3 votes | 0 comments
Rajasthan, one of the tourist destinations of India which is famous for its unique and royal culture and traditions.
Published by Devil Wash 103 months ago in Asia | +1 votes | 0 comments
Four star hotel for you to stay during your visit to Surabaya, Indonesia
Published by Activ 105 months ago in Asia | +10 votes | 0 comments
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