Afghanistan's Taliban Laws
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Afghanistan's Taliban Laws

Facts about Afghanistan's Taliban laws, types of Taliban laws, Afghanistan under the rule and law of the Taliban.Womens treatment under the Taliban.

As the war rages in Afghanistan between followers of the Taliban and the coalition forces based there, many of us in the west are puzzled as to why Afghanistan can not become an Islamic state like many other countries in the Islamic world.

As well as the need for troops to control the poppy industry that flourishes in the country, the Afghan government need to eradicate the Taliban militia, as they can not condone Taliban rule in their country owing to the extreme and inhumane rules and regulations that they impose,of which go far beyond the boundaries of any other Islamic country or state, which inturn risks making the country a haven for islamic extremists and fanatics.

( READ afghanistan-how-it-all-began for details.)

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, until they were dislodged from power by the U.S invasion and installation of the U.N backed Karzai government.

However, owing to the large following the Taliban holds over the people of Afghanistan via it's many warlords, many of these laws and rules still prevail in Afghan society today.

The Taliban laws that I will list later, should make it apparant as to why our coalition forces must remain there and why this egocentric and archaic regime must not be allowed to prosper in the country.


                                  MOHAMMED / MULLAH OMAR ( UNVERIFIED IMAGE )



Mohammed Omar held the title Commander of the Faithful, a title his followers bestowed upon him in April 1996, after he led a group of 50 religious students who fought against the rampant corruption and warlord rule of the country, that had prevailed since the end of the Soviet occupation.

Born an ethnic Pashtun in Nodeh in Kandahar Province in 1959, Omar was brought up in abject poverty.

He fought in the anti - Soviet Mujahadeen ( Freedom fighters ) and later in the Afghan civil war, where he was wounded sometime between 1986 and 1989.

He lost an eye and suffered extensive burns to his face, leading to gross disfigurement.

During his recuperation, it is said that he became a student at an Islamic Seminary in Quetta, Pakistan, where he learnt to speak Arabic, learnt Islamic tradition ( Hadith ), Islamic law ( Fiqh ) and became a Hafiz, someone who has memorised the Muslim holy book the Qu'ran by means of Tajweed, or rules of recitation.

(The Qu'ran is made up of 114 chapters each containing 6,236 verses that comprise of 80,000 words.)

After his studies he was to go on to become a Mullah (Mosque leader, holy man and teacher ) at a religious madrassa in Quetta, where it is said he gained a large following of young Afghan orphan, refugees.

In 1994 he came back to Afghanistan with a group of 50 students, known as talib, where they overthrew the then inept government.

Omar named his regime the Taliban, (the students) and the country he now found him self governing, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, where he immediately introduced Sharia law as well as a few more rules and regulations of his own.


The Taliban insignia as seen on the flag of The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.1996 - 2001.


A complete ban on;




Keeping birds. ( Keeping caged birds and racing pigeons was once a favoured past time of the Afghan people)

Kite flying (Once the national sport of Afghanistan )

Books. (Unless they be of religious content )

Public laughing, shouting or clapping at outside events.

Photographs of women on T.V or in newspapers, even the hanging of pictures of women in ones own homes.

New Year, Labour Day and wedding celebrations.

Men must;

Cut short their hair.

Grow long their beards.

Wear Islamic clothing.

Wear the Islamic turban or Islamic cap.

Look after and control their women folk. (This can be done by means of beating and rape )

Pray at the mosque five times a day.

Not indulge in homosexual practices.

Provide for their womenfolk.

Non Muslims must wear a yellow badge to differentiate themselves.                                     

The Taliban wish to make a secure environment for their women where their chasteness and dignity may be sacrosanct by means of purdah.

Purdah is the practice of segregrating the sexes and womens faces and form are concealed, a practice first introduced in India to protect Hindu women from invading Muslims in the 12 th century.

Women must not;

Gain an education.

Have employment.

Leave home without permission of father or husband.

Walk outside without being accompanied by a male family member.

Wear Western clothes.

Wear mens clothes.

Wear make up.

Wear perfume.

Laugh in public.

Have their photograph taken.

Paint their nails.

Wear shoes with ' clicking ' heels.

Talk to males unless they are relatives, including in their own homes.

Gather at any outside event.

Wash clothes in rivers. (A once pleasant occupation undertaken by Afghan women, where they could catch up on gossip and generally let off steam together).

Ride in taxis.

Ride bicycles.

Use public baths. (the hammam was once a pleasant past time for women in Afghanistan )

Appear on the balcony of their own home, even in full burqa.

Be seen at the windows of their own home, even in full burqa.

Deny their husbands sexual gratification at any time.

Indulge in sexual practices if unmarried or with any one who is not their husband if they are married.

Attempt suicide.


  The iconic Afghan blue burqa, a full body garment with built in skull cap and shuttlecock eye grille.

Women must; 

Wear the burqa at all times.

Speak in hushed tones, so as not to be heard by men that are not relatives.

To disobey any of these restrictions means execution, by means of beheading for men and execution by means of public stoning for women.

 1) The law of women not being able to wear men's clothing was a later law introduced after women who had no male relative to go out and provide for them, were forced on to the street in mens clothing in order to buy food or gain medical assistance.

2) Female doctors who had lost their jobs when the Taliban took power, were forced to run underground, secret hospitals for women or to walk to the homes of sick women, where they would do so in mens clothing.

 This was the only crime not punishable by means of execution. The crime of painting ones nails is punished by chopping off the offending digits.

 The suicide rate for women in Afghanistan is at an all time high. As it goes against Islam to take ones own life, women favour the act of setting them selves on fire as a means to an end. They do it by means of pouring cooking oil over themselves then setting it alight, this way they can call it a kitchen accident if they do not succeed, thus escaping punishment by public flogging.

A 2017 Update:

In July of 2015, the Afghan government announced that Mohammed Omar had died of tuberculosis. A senior Taliban official reported at this time that Omar had actually died in 2013 and was withheld from the public. Still little is know about what actually happened and how died. There are disputing reports as to where Omar died, either in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan or in Afghanistan.

As of 2017, 14 years later, United States and coalition forces are still in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, incurring many injuries and deaths. The Taliban has control over several towns and sections of Afghanistan even today.


                                                  KITE RUNNERS IN AFGHANISTAN.

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                                               © D.B.Bellamy.February. 2010.

                                        Images courtesy of wikimedia commons.

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Comments (31)

A very interesting article. I learned something new from this.

Ranked #1 in Asia

Hi AlmaG, The war has gone on there for so long now, I felt compelled to write about the reasons why it had started, as a lot of people seem to have forgotten.

There is some pretty interesting stuff in here, but some of your facts seem a bit off to say that the women must: Laugh in public, and Have their photograph taken. Wouldn't those things be restricted to women? Especially if you said that they must talk in quite voices so they're not heard by men who are should just double check your facts to make sure, because those two don't make much sense to me. But other than that, I'd say an interesting article.

Ranked #1 in Asia

Thanks illustrious for pointing that out to me, I will put the two offending must nots, in the correct list. Regards Dee.

The Talbian's interpretation is regarded as one of the strictest in the world, and maybe thats why Al Qaeda claimed that it was the only true muslim country in the world.

Ranked #1 in Asia

Hi Drona, I rather think terrorist organisations prefer Afghanistan more for the fact that the Taliban strongholds there protect their ranks, more so than any affiliation to religious beliefs, although of course, that helps, becouse people like that do tend to use religion for their own ends, such as a form of control within the country, particularly towards pro government supporters. Dee.

Re: Taliban laws - simply incredible in the 21st century. The so-called "freedom fighters," whom the U.S. backed during the Soviet war, morphed into the Taliban which in turn spawned Al Qaeda. What goes around...

great article

Great article, yet so awful to see how the Taliban have distorted the religion of Islam so grossly.

Fascinating write up. Not an easy subject to address. I agree with Amanda, too.

Ranked #1 in Asia

I think there are many that think Taliban Islam is the norm, and of course it is not , I hope I have been able to make that clear in this article. @ Amanda, sorry I never did answer your comment, it must have been one of those days when the mail box was full and I completely lost track of it.

The more we can all do to educate people about the differences between Islam and extremist groups the better, and I thank you for your efforts DeeBee. I wasn't expecting a response, so no worries there!

I really have so much to write here, but I am just so appalled about the whole Afghan condition. I do believe that we need to stay and get that country in some type of order, even if it takes exterminating every last Taliban there is. But, the corruption is so rampant among the present leadership, it almost seems counter-productive. We need more troops there, plain and simple. Compelling read and a reminder as to why we are there. Great awareness article!

Ranked #1 in Asia

Thankyou Richard. Unfortunately the situation over there is very complex, with deep rooted problems most of the West has no understanding of.


Huh!? And my 6yr old nephew expects to get a new toy every single day from anyone how just happens to be going to the store....I guess we should all be thankful for the innocence of an american child.Thank God I live in a country where my loved ones will ever be forced to live like that.....god bless all the faithful, loving hearts in this world, especially thoses suffering in afghanistan..

interested student

I would really like to thank the author of this web page for the great amount of information; it really helped me for my debate speech

Thank you,

Ranked #1 in Asia

You're very welcome, glad to have been of help. Good luck with your speech.


what is the reality of talban and why readily accept islam


i am disgusted by these rules.

Jeezy Chreezy!

taliban enemy

fake how can this happen to women


nonononononononnonononononononon f'n fake

Siddhartha Chatterjee

great article. Heart wrenching to think of the condition of women in Afghanistan. it makes me really sad (even though 'sad' is an understatement for this kind of brutality) to even start to think what they must be going through. Its like you are asked to endure pain long after you can endure it.


Siddhartha Chatterjee

great article. Heart wrenching to think of the condition of women in Afghanistan. it makes me really sad (even though 'sad' is an understatement for this kind of brutality) to even start to think what they must be going through. Its like you are asked to endure pain long after you can endure it.





Dear All,

I just need to add a few things as I got this website from a 14 years old British girl whom I have met in a chatroom and she was expecting me to give some info on Islam and lastly, I did and she happily accepted Islam knowing Islam is the only peaceful religion continued from the adam to the last Prophet Muhammad SAW and will continue the same till the end.

She read all this info on site and your comments and forwarded me that is it Taliban rule, cause she felt to follow whatever is allowed in Islam and whatever is rejected by Islam, and I read you guys whole comment so I felt to write to some about taliban and compare to the Islamic Law.

I believe Taliban intention with doing all this was to secure female life since mostly female are victim of the men in the west but the way they were following was not a a way to react against the human beings, secondly people normally live in southern Afghanistan the way talib intends as such, most women in south do not out to market unless she has no one at home as of men to help her for buying home stuffs. so Talib could stay longer and govern longer if they wanted in a smooth and a full understanding way not in force, cause muslim in Afghanistan are respecting Islam, but they are stubborn too, they nevr accept to be forced but they accept the best friendship.

Islam has given men and women full rights, and there is no force in Islam.

for better understandinf about islam, go to Quran and read and you will know whats islam saying, we cant company Islam with a practical life of muslim cause most muslims do not follow Quran, as they want to follow their lusts and prefer the western life which is fully agaisnt the islamic law

Thank you

kajhihad majujubeans

Why does it say its Asia

Well im gonna put my music up real high talk to my female friends and intoduce myself to females, get my photo taken with my female friends, shave my beared, fly a kite and pray at THE CHURCH 10 times a day just outta spite!

Iam going to put my music up real high pray at THE CHURCH 10 times a day fly a kite, shave my beared hang out with females injust met and get my photo taken with them just all outta spite!

I am going to put my music up real high pray at THE CHURCH 10 times a day fly a kite, shave my beared hang out with females i just ment and get my photo taken with them just all outta spite!

Basically the Taliban says that god prefers penises and testicles over all. Of course god does not say that but false prophets pretending to speak for god will always seek advantage among the gullible faithful.